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  • Get ready for some heroic fun with this DC Comics Superman Shaped Puzzle. With 600 pieces, this two-sided puzzle features the classic Superman logo on one side and a collage of retro comic book covers of the Man of Steel himself on the other.
  • Batman's most feared enemies have returned and are up to their usual dastardly schemes in this DC Comics Batman Road Trip Board Game. Answer the call of the bat signal and join Batman in his fight to protect Gotham City from these forces of evil in this fun-filled strategy game.
  • Wage intellectual war for Gotham City with the complete set of Batman chess figures, featuring all the Dark Knight's most memorable characters and a themed board.
  • Are you TEAM BATMAN or TEAM JOKER? With this chess set you can capture your opponent's pieces until you can arrange the dreaded checkmate, and claim your victory.
  • No detail has been overlooked in this ultimate high-end Batman collector's chess set, which features pieces made of pewter and die-cast metal, and a light-up board that weighs more than 20 pounds. Read the full description below for all the spectacular details!
    (save $100!)
  • This MIND: Batman Cerebral Combat Trainer is a revolutionary brainwave-controlled game set that allows you to control the gameplay with your mind via holographic projection technology.
  • The Joker has returned to cause more mayhem for the citizens of Gotham in this DC Comics The Joker Cover Puzzle. If you manage to solve this tricky 500 piece puzzle, you'll reveal a classic comic book cover of Batman in the midst of another troublesome trick by the infamous prankster himself.
  • Recreating Batman's home turf of Gotham City, the Dark Knight's fans can explore the geography of one of fiction's most famous cities! Assemble the first two layers of the puzzle to form a map of the city's streets, islands, roads, railways, parks, and geography.
  • You can be just as tech-savvy as Bruce Wayne with the Build Your Own Batmobile set!
  • In conjunction with the film Wonder Woman, prepare yourself for battle with the strongest and fiercest heroine of the Amazons, with this Wonder Woman Boxcar!
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