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  • This DC Comics Superheroes LEGO set features the Tumbler, as seen in the Dark Knight Trilogy.
  • You can recreate one of the memorable scenes from The LEGO Movie, the assault on Cloud Cuckoo, with this construction set.
  • From the Barbie Collector line by Mattel, Ken depicts Batman from the classic 1966 television series.
    (save 33%)
  • Free Lois from General Zod's clutches in a Black Zero Escape mission! Sneak Lois into the Black Zero ship's escape pod with opening cockpit and moveable engine boosters.
    (save 18%)
  • Help Superman stop the Kryptonians from taking over the town in the Battle of Smallville.
    (save 27%)
  • With this cool launcher set, kids can help Superman defeat the bad guys and save the day!
    (save 20%)
  • Kids can improve their coordination while having awesome fun with this Man of Steel Quck Shots Battle for Metrpolis.
    (save 20%)
  • Superman has serious super powers and this 10-inch action figure brings them to life in seriously large scale!
    (save 33%)
  • In The Dark Knight Rises, Batman comes out of retirement to face the toughest challenge of his career!
    (save 25%)
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