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Batman Beyond: The Movie (DVD)

Batman Beyond: The Movie (DVD)
Batman Beyond: The Movie (DVD)

Batman Beyond: The Movie (DVD)

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For decades, Batman reigned as Gotham City's crime-fighting Dark Knight. Almost 50 years into the future, the reign seems to be coming to an end. Is the Caped Crusader hanging up his wings? No Way! As a whole new horde of outrageous outlaws is on the rampage the unthinkable has happened: the aging Bruce Wayne has hung up the cape of the once invincible Batman! But when a brave, young high school kid named Terry McGinnis stumbles onto the secret of Batman's true identity, an new alliance is forged. And an awesome new hero is born! Armed with a dazzling array of advanced Bat technology, Terry becomes the new Batman - and explodes onto the futuristic Gotham City streets. Powered by the bond between legendary master and youthful crusader, Batman Beyond introduces a new hero, for a new era.

Year: 1998 Director: Curt Geda


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