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Batman: Hush (Paperback)

Batman: Hush (Paperback)

Batman: Hush (Paperback)

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Item #: BATRL140122317


Gotham City's worst criminals -- Joker, Riddler, Ra's al Ghul, Clayface and others -- have emerged to throw Batman's life into utter chaos. However, these villains are part of a much more elaborate, sinister scheme to destroy the Dark Knight once and for all, one headed by a mastermind much closer to Bruce Wayne than any foe before...

Pushed past his breaking point, Batman will need to use more than the world's greatest detective skills to unravel the mystery behind this murderous plot before those closest to the Detective suffer the consequences.

In this truly unforgettable story by two of comics' top talents, writer Jeph Loeb and DC Publisher Jim Lee present the Caped Crusader's most personal case yet in one of the greatest Batman stories ever told. This volume collects BATMAN #609-619 as well as the 6-page segment from Wizard #0 and a 2-page origin story that originally appeared at

320 pages


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