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DC Lucha Explosiva Batman Action Figure

DC Lucha Explosiva Batman Action Figure

DC Lucha Explosiva Batman Action Figure

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Item #: BATDCAF02


A third-generation luchador known for his devastating power and unmatched strategic approach, Batman is one of the premier attractions in the DC Luchaverse. This heavyweight veteran claims he gets his power from Camazotz, the mythical Mayan bat god and spiritual guardian of his home city, Camaziudad.

Known for "flying" into the ring with an ornate, oversize cape, he uses theatrical tricks to distract his foes in the ring before executing one of his signature moves, such as the "Bataranger" or the "Gauntlet Grappler." So accomplished is Batman that the league created a unique campeón belt specifically for him, the "Supremo Batbelt," which he brings with him before every match, though some say he keeps it on a little bit longer when facing his longtime nemesis, Deathstroke.

This 7-inch action figure is made from PVC and features multiple articulation points for custom poses. Batman comes with extra hands and his own cape, perfect for re-creating theatrical match entrances.