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DC Lucha Explosiva Superman Action Figure

DC Lucha Explosiva Superman Action Figure

DC Lucha Explosiva Superman Action Figure

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While he is new to the scene, the luchador known only as Superman has already became a fan favorite for his dedication to clean fights and his commitment to spend time talking to the young fans after matches. He's also a rare favorite of the other luchadores, who see in him a clear path for a future of packed stadiums and corruption-free management. The only people who don't like him are those in the pocket of Lex Luthor, the shady head of the DC Luchaverse.

He spent his early years in a small town outside of Veracruz, working the farm of his adopted parents. The long hours developed his work ethic, and the intense labor he did with his dad shaped his frame into the formidable force it became in the ring. He claims his technique for his famed throw-the "Altitude Adjustment," in which he vaults his opponent over his shoulder-came from loading bales of hay into the family truck.

This 7-inch action figure is made from PVC and features multiple articulation points for custom poses. Superman comes with extra hands.