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Wonder Woman: The Complete Second Season (DVD)

Wonder Woman: The Complete Second Season (DVD)

Wonder Woman: The Complete Second Season (DVD)

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In second season of this fun action-adventure series, Lynda Carter continues to bring the comic book character to life as Wonder Woman, a crime-fighting Amazonian princess working undercover as mild & mousey Diana Prince in the U.S. War Department.

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What's Wonder Woman up to now? Flash forward 35 years from her stirring Season-One adventures defending America in World War II. Without missing a beat, Wonder Woman leaps from the big-band era to the disco decade, still miraculously young and still using wits, wiles and astonishing powers to fight evil.

Season Two (21 episodes following a feature-length season premiere) introduces Wonder Woman to a new America of nuclear power and computers. Teamed with Steve Trevor, son of the dashing major she worked with during World War II, she takes the name Diana Prince - and takes on all kinds of danger from terrorists, mad geniuses, crooks and even a diabolical rock star while working for America's Inter-Agency Defense Command. Wonder Woman, we're proud you're on our side!